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Bead is a bespoke soft furnishing company specialising in fine beadwork on hand dyed and antique textiles. Our designs are inspired by the enigmatic elegance and cultural history of traditional African adornment.

Bead was developed from an existing studio in early 2010 by interior design journalist Taryn Lamberti. After decades spent writing about other designers she was just longing to put her own creative mind to work and build on a lifelong passion for textiles. At Bead, we believe in producing beautiful contemporary designs, celebrating the essence of ancient and modern Africa, and in collaborating with other creative people. We also adhere to fair trade principles and in promoting the fine workmanship and talent of our fabulous team of master crafters.

Tie Dye
Table Runner
Aubergine and Berry
Shades of Grey
Orange and Plum
Purple and Pink
Berry and Red
Chocolate and Beige
Scarlet and Cherry