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Bespoke service

The bead team can be commissioned to suit any project and we have supplied private homes, game lodges, hotels, boutiques and homestores both locally and internationally.
We employ hand dyeing, dip dyeing and tie dyeing methods and create designs by hand beading or painting with bleach on to already dyed fabrics. We also do embroidery, appliqué and pleating and other stitching methods.
We encourage creative collaboration and love working on new ideas especially for custom and exclusive ranges.

bespoke service


Created by the whole team the Shongololo (millipede) cushion has become an over-night success and the must-have cushion from Bead. In a desire not to waste the planet's resources we wanted to use every piece and off cut in the studio. The best fun is when we have had a new run of colours from the dye bath and we jointly design the next Shongololo. Then we bead according to what the fabric has told us. Each one is a unique work of art and is numbered accordingly. This is the original Shongololo!